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  • J. Sulzer and A. Charbord

In Belarus, Who’s the Terrorist? Another Step in the Crackdown on Journalists

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In November, Roman Protasevich – a 26-year-old Belarusian blogger and journalist, wrote on his Twitter feed that he had been “declared terrorist” in Belarus. He went on to say, “A couple of hours later, the Belarusian ‘parliament’ adopts a law on deprivation of citizenship for extremism and/or terrorism. An incredible coincidence!” Six months later, on May 23, Belarusian authorities intercepted a commercial Ryanair flight, traveling from Greece to Lithuania, while it was in Belarus air space with 126 passengers on board, instructing it to land and alleging a “security threat” was on board. The Belarusian government sent a MiG-29 fighter jet to escort the plane back to Minsk.

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By Jeanne Sulzer and Anne Charbord for Just Security


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