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Human Rights

Represent victims of international crimes and terrorism before domestic and international courts as well as before Human Rights Treaty bodies and special procedures of the Human Rights Council in the fields of:

  • International Human Rights Law

  • International Criminal Law

  • Victims Rights

  • Counter-terrorism

  • Reparation

Strategic Litigation

Human Rights Documentation & Advocacy

  • Human rights Fact-finding including victims' statements

  • Consulting & Strategic Advice on Human Rights and International Justice issues


  • Professional Training (civil society, lawyers, judges) on International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, Victims Rights of international crimes and terrorism & Sexual Violence 

  • Academic Lecturer in International Criminal Law, Victims Rights & International Justice, Terrorism and Human Rights

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Strategic Litigation

Impact Litigation is a Paris based Law Firm specializing in strategic litigation in the areas of human rights, international criminal justice and the fight against terrorism.


Impact Litigation supports, advises and represents victims of international crimes and terrorism before national, regional and international courts.


Committed to the fight against impunity, Impact Litigation is involved alongside victims and human rights organizations and has a strong pro-bono activity.


Impact Litigation has significant experience in bringing complaints before the UN Special Procedures Branch and other UN Treaty Bodies.


Impact Litigation works closely with the United Nations and multiple NGOs. 

Working with the UN Office for Counterterrorism, Impact Litigation piloted research and drafting of the UN Model Legislative Provisions for Victims of Terrorism. The firm is now working on the implementation of these. 

Impact Litigation also worked with the UN on the implementation of the Model Legislative Provisions and Guidance on Investigation and Prosecution of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.

Impact Litigation regularly lends its expertise to NGOs who are looking to expand their reach in the field of universal jurisdiction, contributing to reports and to overall strategies.

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Teaching & Training

Jeanne Sulzer is an experienced lecturer in international criminal law, human rights and victims rights. She combines her academic knowledge and her experience as a practitioner. Classes she teaches include:

  • Sciences Po Paris: “International Criminal Law” & “Victims Rights, International Justice and Proceedings” and is a member of the Scientific board of the Law School Clinic 

  • Sciences Po Lille:  "Strategic litigation and Human Rights" 

  • Université Sorbonne Paris 13: “Justice Internationale” M2 ONG & Coopération

  • Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas: “Répression du terrorisme” M2 Justice Pénale Internationale (co-dirigé avec Prof. Sharon Weill)     

The firm also conducts trainings on victims rights for practitioners in the field.

Documentation of Human Rights violations

Impact Litigation has experience in conducting documenting and fact-finding missions into international crimes and human rights abuses on behalf of civil society organisations and has expertise in the documentation and prosecution of sexual and gender-based violence.


International Justice Commission - Amnesty International France

Jeanne is the head of the International Justice Commission of  Amnesty International France. 

The Commission notably works on the question of universal jurisdiction. Current work includes: 

  • Mapping universal jurisdiction cases in France 

  • Advocacy to waive the conditions for universal jurisdiction cases 

Impact Litigation is proud to closely collaborate with Chavanne & Witt, a law firm specialised in complex criminal cases, including terrorism, extradition and international criminal law, based in Paris. 

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