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Impact Litigation is dedicated to support, advise and represent victims of international crimes before national and international courts.  

Committed to the fight against impunity, we specialize in universal jurisdiction cases.

We also work on risk assessment and corporate accountability for international crimes. We advise companies and individuals across various industries, such as music and film, to better understand the normative framework of corporate international crimes (for example in regard to the French duty of vigilance law of 2017).

Jeanne Sulzer is Lawyer at the Paris Bar and on the list of counsels before the International Criminal Court. Combining her academic knowledge and her experience as a practitioner, she teaches "International Criminal Law" at Sciences Po School of Law Paris.  

She is the head of the International Justice Commission of Amnesty International France.

At Impact Litigation, we are dedicated to the defence of human rights, with a particular focus on victims' rights. 

Human rights Law serves as the legal framework that upholds and enforces fundamental rights and freedoms. It encompasses a diverse range of legal principles and norms designed to ensure that individuals are treated with fairness, equality, and respect. At its core, human rights law acts as a powerful tool for justice, accountability, and the protection of vulnerable populations.  

We represent victims of international crimes and terrorism before domestic and international courts.  

In addition, Impact Litigation works on a consultancy basis with international organizations, such as the United Nations, to enhance, foster and protect the rights of victims. We also work with the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict (OSRSG-SVC) on the implementation of the Model Legislative Provisions and Guidance on Investigation and Prosecution of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.  


Impact Litigation is dedicated to working with national and international civil society to advocate for human rights.  


Jeanne Sulzer teaches "Victims Rights, International Justice and Proceedings" at Sciences Po Paris and "Strategic litigation and Human Rights" at Sciences Po Lille. 

She created the Victims Rights International Justice Journal to share student-led interviews of leading practitioners in the field of victims rights and international justice. 

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We support, advise and represent victims of terrorism in front of domestic courts. 


We provide consultancy on issues regarding counter-terrorism and human rights as well the rights of victims of terrorism. Impact Litigation piloted research and drafting of the UN Model Legislative Provisions for Victims of Terrorism with the office of counter-terrorism (UNOCT) and is now working on their implementation.  

Jeanne Sulzer co-teaches with Professor Sharon Weill the "Répression du terrorisme" class at Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas Master in International Justice and Human Rights 


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